mama, 2022

Medium: Gelatin Silver Print, 7*10 inch

Size: 7*10 inch

In this work, I attempted to recreate childhood memories of objects that seem to have embedded themselves deeply within my mind. In these moments the act of seeing was not completely systematized by words, and that enabled me to encounter the objects in their bare state. I tried to embody this sensation by photographically “staring” at specific points or qualities of objects that are left in my memory. However, what I realized is that at this point it is merely impossible to “see” without words. Since the world is too complex to comprehend without simplification and categorization by words. That is why this series is composed of multi-media, still-life photographs, photographs of images on a screen, and an image of text. Whether physical or representational, we perceive the world as equivalent and ultimately fix the meaning through words.